“Imhotep,” by Jamieson B. Hurry | Polymath Studies

I would hope that there would be more information about Imhotep as soon as more discoveries are made. Plot This is a short book detailing the life of Imhotep (as far as it is known) as well as the influence that he had which resulted in him being worshiped as a demigod, then a god,Continue reading ““Imhotep,” by Jamieson B. Hurry | Polymath Studies”

“Leonardo da Vinci,” by Walter Isaacson | Polymath Studies

I am looking forward to reading more from Walter Isaacson, since he knows how to write about innovators. Plot This is the biography of the life and achievements of Italian thinker Leonardo da Vinci; specifically documenting the achievements that live after him and into popular culture and any rich person’s or collector’s possession. Themes ObservationContinue reading ““Leonardo da Vinci,” by Walter Isaacson | Polymath Studies”

“Ronald Ross,” by Edwin R. Nye and Mary E. Gibson | Polymath Studies

Since this is being posted amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, I would hope that this gives any reader hope.

“Ultralearning,” by Scott H. Young | Polymath Studies

This was among the books that stood out upon entering polymath in the Amazon search query. I have to say that I like the solid cover, which resembles Richard Florida’s book that I previously analyzed. Plot Scott H. Young’s book explains the process behind developing hard skills in the face of obstacles like Recessions and automation.Continue reading ““Ultralearning,” by Scott H. Young | Polymath Studies”

Can A Civilization Possibly Be Established In The Sky?

Or are we just figuratively having our heads in the clouds?

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