Born On A Blue Day, by Daniel Tammet | Quintillion Ripenings

I read this a while ago and am reading it again for this site. Daniel Tammet He is an autistic savant from England who has synesthesia, which is a medical condition that lets him visualize different shapes based on any auditory imput. In his case, he was able to visualize shapes from numbers, which wasContinue reading “Born On A Blue Day, by Daniel Tammet | Quintillion Ripenings”

“Shaq Uncut,” by Shaquille O’Neal | Quintillion Ripenings

I just might write an entire series of articles dedicated to Shaq and his numerous extracurricular pursuits. Shaquille O’Neal He is a famous NBA player who played from the Lakers to the Celtics. Amidst all of the injuries and the backlash from the audience and the media, he managed to continue maintaining a million-dollar careerContinue reading ““Shaq Uncut,” by Shaquille O’Neal | Quintillion Ripenings”

“Raise A Genius!” by Laszlo Polgar | Quintillion Ripenings

I could not find a physical copy of this book, so I could only find PDF files for it. I originally came across Laszlo Polgar’s lifelong experiment through Matthew Syed‘s book about geniuses and the myth of inheritable talent. Plot Hungarian psychologist Laszlo Polgar explains to an interviewer how he raised his daughters, their achievements,Continue reading ““Raise A Genius!” by Laszlo Polgar | Quintillion Ripenings”

Siberian Huskies For Dummies | Quintillion Ripenings

This first installment was inspired by the need to be able to accurately pinpoint why my grandmother’s Siberian Husky pup behaves the way she does. It eventually inspired this series that will be exclusive to Decillions Multicolored. Themes One theme that this book teaches is how to instill manners to the Siberian Husky. The authorContinue reading “Siberian Huskies For Dummies | Quintillion Ripenings”

“The Career Guide For Creative and Unconventional People,” by Carol Eikleberry with Carrie Pinsky | Quintillion Ripenings

Something that needs to be talked about more is the connection between creativity and the economy

“Bounce” by Matthew Syed | Quintillion Ripenings

This book is definitely important when emphasizing the importance of practice. Plot Syed wrote this book in order to explain the fact that talent does not determine any person’s success, rather hours of practice (specifically 10,000). He proceeds throughout the book to explain the intensity of the practice and the mind-set needed to practice. TheContinue reading ““Bounce” by Matthew Syed | Quintillion Ripenings”

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