“Raise A Genius!” by Laszlo Polgar | Quintillion Ripenings

I could not find a physical copy of this book, so I could only find PDF files for it. I originally came across Laszlo Polgar’s lifelong experiment through Matthew Syed‘s book about geniuses and the myth of inheritable talent. Plot Hungarian psychologist Laszlo Polgar explains to an interviewer how he raised his daughters, their achievements,Continue reading ““Raise A Genius!” by Laszlo Polgar | Quintillion Ripenings”

“Leonardo da Vinci,” by Walter Isaacson | Polymath Studies

I am looking forward to reading more from Walter Isaacson, since he knows how to write about innovators. Plot This is the biography of the life and achievements of Italian thinker Leonardo da Vinci; specifically documenting the achievements that live after him and into popular culture and any rich person’s or collector’s possession. Themes ObservationContinue reading ““Leonardo da Vinci,” by Walter Isaacson | Polymath Studies”

Siberian Huskies For Dummies | Decillion Ink-Strokes

This first installment was inspired by the need to be able to accurately pinpoint why my grandmother’s Siberian Husky pup behaves the way she does. It eventually inspired this series that will be exclusive to Decillions Multicolored. Themes One theme that this book teaches is how to instill manners to the Siberian Husky. The authorContinue reading “Siberian Huskies For Dummies | Decillion Ink-Strokes”

“Ultralearning,” by Scott H. Young | Polymath Studies

This was among the books that stood out upon entering polymath in the Amazon search query. I have to say that I like the solid cover, which resembles Richard Florida’s book that I previously analyzed. Plot Scott H. Young’s book explains the process behind developing hard skills in the face of obstacles like Recessions and automation.Continue reading ““Ultralearning,” by Scott H. Young | Polymath Studies”

“Sensemaking,” by Christian Madsbjerg | Quintillion Ripenings

So far, my experimentation of featured images for the QIS series seems quite mediocre, it is nonetheless a step forward for this blog series. Perhaps Madsbjerg would recommend that I develop a pattern of making these images and then coming across an epiphany that would completely change how I think about featured images. Plot TheContinue reading ““Sensemaking,” by Christian Madsbjerg | Quintillion Ripenings”

“Rise of the Creative Class,” by Richard Florida | Quintillion Ripenings

This book would definitely provide insight into the importance of creative professions. Plot Florida talks about the Creative Class, which are a group of occupations that contribute more to society than people generally expect. Professions in the Creative Class, as Florida detailed, come in a wide variety ways and has various access to creativity. ThereContinue reading ““Rise of the Creative Class,” by Richard Florida | Quintillion Ripenings”


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